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      The Ministry of ecological environment explicitly prohibits "one size fits all" environmental protection


      The first batch of central environmental protection inspectors "looking back" will be launched in an all-round way in the near future. In order to prevent some places from carrying out the centralized shutdown and shutdown behavior indiscriminately during the period of the inspector's entry, and affecting the normal production and life of the people, the Ministry of ecology and environment released a message on May 28, saying that it has specially studied and formulated the "one size fits all" work opinion on banning environmental protection.

      The opinions pointed out that during the period of the supervision, the supervised place should establish a mechanism according to the requirements, establish, implement, supervise, and reform, practically solve the problem of people's letters and visits to the ecological environment, and practically promote the investigation and treatment, rectification and accountability of outstanding ecological environment problems. In the rectification work, we should formulate feasible plans, adhere to the laws and regulations, strengthen the policy support, pay attention to the overall promotion, strictly prohibit the perfunctory measures such as "all shut down" and "stop first and then" and resolutely avoid simple and rude behaviors such as centralized shut down, business suspension and production suspension.

      It is clear in the opinion that for industries or fields prone to "one size fits all" environmental protection, such as engineering construction, life service industry, aquaculture, local characteristic industry, industrial parks and enterprises, sand mining and quarrying, urban management, etc., it is necessary to carefully study, promote as a whole, and implement classified policies while supervising and reforming. For those who have legal procedures and meet the requirements of environmental protection, the rectification measures of centralized shutdown, production and business suspension shall not be taken; for those who have legal procedures but fail to meet the requirements of environmental protection, targeted rectification measures shall be taken according to specific problems; If there are no legal procedures and the environmental protection requirements are not met, serious rectification shall be carried out in accordance with the law, especially for enterprises with "scattered pollution" that need to stop production for rectification, resolutely stop production for rectification. During the period of supervision, we should not only promote the rectification of problems, but also pay attention to policy guidance, so as to avoid adverse effects on people's production and life as much as possible.

      The opinion emphasizes that the central environmental protection supervision and reform at the same time is not only a favorable opportunity to speed up the settlement of environmental problems around the masses, but also an effective measure to transmit environmental pressure and compaction responsibilities. The supervised places should not only take advantage of the situation, strictly enforce the law, and speed up the rectification, but also take measures according to local conditions, classify and guide, and advance in an orderly manner. When solving the problem of ecological environment reported by the masses, sufficient time shall be reserved for the units and personnel directly responsible for the investigation and rectification work, and it is forbidden to increase the code level by level and avoid the speed increase level by level.

      According to the opinion, the local Party committee and government under supervision should put forward specific and clear requirements for banning "one size fits all" environmental protection behaviors from the height of strengthening political and work style construction, and make them public to the public; they should rely on one newspaper (party newspaper), one television station and one network (government website) to strengthen the publicity and reporting on the situation of supervision rectification and supervision while reform, and respond to the social concerns in a timely manner; We need to strengthen the investigation and treatment of "one size fits all" environmental protection issues. If we find them together, we should be held accountable and never condone them. The central environmental protection supervision group will also include environmental protection "one size fits all" as a typical problem of formalism and bureaucracy in the field of ecological environment into the scope of supervision. If the problem is serious and has a bad impact, the supervision and accountability shall be strictly implemented.

      In order to implement the spirit of Xi Jinping's ecological civilization and the National Conference on ecological and environmental protection, the central environmental protection inspection team will be stationed in 10 provinces and regions in Hebei, Inner Mongolia, Heilongjiang, Jiangsu, Jiangxi, Henan, Guangdong, Guangxi, Yunnan and Ningxia in the near future. And carry out special supervision in the key areas of the fight against pollution.


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