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      Price mechanism for green development will be formed in China in 2020


      Opinions on innovation and improvement of the price mechanism for promoting green development (hereinafter referred to as "opinions") have been officially issued recently. Meng Wei, deputy director and press spokesman of the Policy Research Office of the national development and Reform Commission, said at a press conference on "innovation and improvement of the price mechanism for promoting green development" on July 2 that, according to the objectives proposed in the opinions, the price mechanism and price policy system conducive to green development will be basically formed by 2020.

      In order to further support the promotion and application of new energy vehicles, it is proposed to extend the policy of "free capacity electricity charge for centralized charging and changing facilities" to 2025.

      Yue Xiuhu, director of the price department of the national development and Reform Commission, introduced the overall situation of the introduction of the opinions at the conference.

      The opinions put forward two time nodes: one is to basically form a price mechanism and price policy system conducive to green development by 2020; the other is to establish a relatively complete price mechanism for green development by 2025. Based on the above objectives and requirements, the paper points out the direction of deepening the reform of resource and environment price, and puts forward a package of policy measures.

      Yue Xiuhu pointed out that the policy measures proposed in the opinions are not only the supplement and improvement of the existing green price policy, but also the reform and innovation of the price mechanism in related fields.

      In recent years, the national development and Reform Commission has carried out a lot of work in the use of price means to promote green development, such as the introduction of environmental protection electricity price policy, industrial and commercial differentiated water and electricity price policy, residential ladder price system, northern clean heating price policy, renewable energy power generation price policy, comprehensive reform of agricultural water price, etc., to guide all regions to improve water resource fees and sewage The policy of treatment fee and garbage treatment fee has played a positive role in reducing pollution discharge, protecting ecological environment, saving energy resources, promoting the adjustment of energy structure and industrial structure, etc.

      According to the introduction, on the basis of the above practice, more than half of the measures put forward in the opinion belong to policy innovation, such as establishing differential charging mechanism for enterprise sewage discharge, improving the incentive mechanism for classification and reduction of urban domestic waste, and formulating power price support policies to promote the development of environmental protection industry.

      In addition, the opinion also improved the supporting policies for power consumption in some environmental protection industries, that is, before the end of 2025, the power consumption for sewage treatment enterprises, centralized electric vehicle charging and changing facilities, commercial power for port shore power operation and desalination will be exempted from the demand (capacity) electricity charge.

      Yue Xiuhu stressed: "in the process of price policy-making and price reform, it is a principle we adhere to that we should not affect people's livelihood, fully consider the social affordability, especially to ensure that the lives of low-income groups are not affected. We have made it clear in our policies that we should deal with the relationship between promoting green development and ensuring people's lives. "


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