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    3. Welcome to the website of Jiande Langfeng Chemical Co., Ltd. Tel: 0086(571)64725862

      Tel: 0086(571)64725862


      Jiande Langfeng Chemical Co., Ltd

      Address: No. 76, wanggeng Road, Xin'anjiang street, Jiande City, Zhejiang Province

      Contact: Mr.Ye or Miss Li

      TEL: 0086(571)64725862

              +86 180 5715 9168

      E-mail: 1016080092@qq.com



      All rivers run into sea. We should absorb talents from a global perspective, integrate talents with advanced cultural concepts, encourage talents with scientific management mechanism, and provide talents with platforms and opportunities to display their talents.

      Langfeng chemical education concept: update knowledge and improve quality, adhere to the principle of lifelong education for employees, constantly improve the quality and ability of employees, promote employees to adapt to the needs of different positions, and give full play to their expertise as soon as possible.

      Langfeng's view of personnel employment: morality first, performance first, that is, "morality first", it is the basic premise of personnel employment; just, performance first, performance is a person's contribution, it is the concrete embodiment of ability. Talents with both ability and moral integrity are the real human resources needed for the development of the company.

      Langfeng's concept of retaining talents - "retaining talents for career, treatment and emotion" respects, trusts and cares for every employee, and pays attention to the embodiment of employee's personal value. In the atmosphere of harmony, mutual respect and love, friendship and help, and sharing happiness, let employees achieve personal career, improve the quality of life, and win social respect.


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